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zylox's Journal

x r u s e ღ
4 November
I always introduce myself as Mina. Even though it's not my real name. But I've been using it for so many years, that now few people actually know my real name.

I think a lot. Literally, that is what I spend most of my time doing. Supposedly I'm a writer. But I've been trying to inhibit those emotions and my writing has suffered because of that. I spend more time in my own world, than in the real one. Sleeping is God given. It's possibly one of my favorite activities. I was told once that I'm an interesting person. I'm not sure if my cyncism and bitterness has changed this. Maybe New York City has just finally molded me into one of her children.

I smoke, I wear big aviators, I wear scarves, I wear skinny jeans, I wear my hair short and curly now, My moods only range from being calm to hysterical. I think I'm becoming a product of our times, but I try to fight knowing I'm part of a lost generation. I have a nostalgia for the 60's and I'm an absolutely strange person.

This is the most detailed 'about me' I have ever written.

So who wants to get to know me now?